Canon City, Co – day 50

We waited till 6:30 to have breakfast at the Arkansas Point Campground outside Pueblo, and was pedaling by 7:30. Hardly a wind was blowing and the Rockies were ahead of us. In the picture below is Pikes Peak above the heads of the group.

This was the sun rise at 6:00 this morning.


And we pointed our bikes west on State Route 9620130623-140448.jpg
Then at Wetmore we finally turned off SR 96 for the first time in 330 miles.

Saw wonderful vistas and knowing we are leaving the plains behind us we climb and descend into Florence. A beautiful town with a coffee shop, and the first Carl’s Jr on the trip. We had a breakfast sandwich at 10:30, and the best quad shot latte at the “Poor House”


The down hill into Florence was almost 8 miles long with a tail wind. A gorgeous ride starting out the break from the Plains.
After food and coffee we had only a 10 mile ride along a nice segment to Canon City where we are at the Super 8.

Only about 44 miles, but I’m enjoying the shower and A/C.
This trip is over half over, and the best part is quickly approaching. In a few days my cousin, Marilyn, with husband Mike will be following our path to Fairplay on Tuesday and bringing us cold drinks on a long day heading towards Breckinridge. Then 18 family members will be gathering for the weekend. I’ll miss a lot of it but will spend 1 1/2 days there. I am hoping the nephew Jonathan and Megan join us on Tuesday climbing the hill.

More later.


Here is a picture of this family from Cincinnati. They are in our motel today too. Their names are Emily Donna, Glenn & Joanna. Their blog


May 21 to Hindman, Ky – day 17

We had a good night sleep in the Gateway to the Breaks Motel and had a breakfast at the cafe across the street at 6:00 AM.

We saw plenty of coal trucks and great and courteous drivers. Not so much the dogs, but mt “Dazor” was busy keeping dogs away

On one particular hard and steep hill I was walking up. The road was blocked by a tractor / trail or rig that shouldn’t have been there. We were able to walk around the rig, and we had a traffic free walk up the rest of the hill. Finally, 45 minutes later as we approached the top, the traffic got through, and we rode down the hill.

Towards the end of the day we stopped on the campus of the Alice Lloyd College near Hazard, Ky.


We got to the Knot County Historical Society Campground after 70 miles and 5 major climbs of about 10k vertical.
Dave Smith met us at the top of the drive with a cold ice tea, and wanted to know our names and such. Then he offered us a shower,beer and a home made sundae. He was so cool as the power went off and the winds picked up and rained.
He has by far been the most gracious host I have encountered. The breakfast the next morning was on the table at 6:00 am and was beautiful.

But no rain during our sleep.
I will upload pictures later the WiFi is busy

This shows a hill top being removed in the distance by the coal folks.

What are these stars on the sides of houses?



The hostel in terraced down the yard- wouldn’t you think. This is the time I recall Dave from New Zealand being with us.20130524-221610.jpg


Yorktown, Virginia

Yorktown is where the British and colonist ended the Revolutionary war. So it has significant historical importance to our country and hence our trip kicks off here.
We will dip our rear bicycle wheels in the Atlantic waters and head west from here.

20130505-140749.jpg />20130505-140828.jpg

The weather is going to get wet the next few days, and Jack (our leader) is figuring out a way of not having to pitch tents in rain. I like that in a leader!
Monday will be day heading out of town.
Today we met a Dutch couple – Ben, said he’d be riding along with us the next week or longer. Our fellow Dutch team member Jan Hindriks enjoyed meeting a fellow countryman.
This is Peter Matulla standing with me. He has a blog at Peter’s Blog


Also follow my friend from Wisconsin, Mark Troy at Marks – Crazy Guy on a bike


A full loaded test drive

Put my bags on the bike and headed out this morning. Stopped in at my old work place and saw friends that put up with me for a long time. Nice to see David, Michelle, and Anne among many others. Tomorrow the bike goes into the spa to get a make over.




And of course back home to feed the fish20130408-171335.jpg