About me…….

I am going on 3 years of retirement from the transportation industry. I grew up in Cushing, Oklahoma, and moved to Portland, Oregon after college.
I have a beautiful wife, Suzie, and 3 grand kids in SE Portland. My good friend Steve Trinkle has helped me with touring over the years, and I foolishly feel that I can do this trip.

I plan on meeting some family and friends along the way. If you are wanting to meet me – check the calendar and send me an email jake@grubbswest.com. Or call me at 918 321 0099

This trip across America by bicycle will begin May 2 with my flight to Williamsburg, Virginia.

This trip is with the Adventure Cycling Association, and I’ll be traveling with about 11 others from many places.


In the San Juan Island on Orcas Island in NW Washington.


4 thoughts on “About me…….

  1. Jake, Jake!!! OMG… I did not realize you were already on the road. I am looking at the map and it looks like you plan to have a day off on the 1st in Carbondale, IL. Is it still a scheduled stop? or are you stopping in Chester? Let me know. If you give me a place and time frame, I blow off work and drive down on Thursday night so we can hang out on Friday. Hope to hear from you. Love ya Deb

    • Hi Debbie Debbie,, I’ve been looking for you. We have a full day off in Carbondale, (2 nights at Motel 8) then we moving again every day. Friday is a full day off and then we are moving on Saturday. B
      So, come see me, I miss you. Phone is 503-816-7465

  2. Sweet! I will get my act together and I’ll find you in Carbondale. My cell phone is 847-917-0454. I will keep you posted.
    (Sing it) I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…. love ya Deb

  3. Jake, I made it back. It was a good day. Stopped in Lockport and had lunch with Zack. Start heading North and did some shopping along the way. I have to admit, I am pooped. Jake, it was great seeing. It was just like old times. I was impressed to meet all your new biking buddies. Hope Jack enjoyed his bday party today. Good luck with the weather tomorrow. I’ll be following your blog so load pics. Happy Trails to you. Love you my dear friend…. Debbie (I should have left that other case of beer) I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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