Our Last Supper

Saturday night we gathered at the International C Food along the riverfront in Florence to celebrate our final destination!


My lovely wife, Suzie, her mom Mary,nephew Nate, and a surprise guest, brother, Jeff Grubbs and other spouses and family members joined us at a dinner.

The following day, Mark Troy, Suzie, Mary and I drove to Portland with our two bikes on the car. I saw many of our group bicycling to Eugene along the road. We waved and shouted our last goodbyes.
I dropped the ladies off at the house and took Mark to get his bike and gear packed up and shipped home. Then off to the airport hotel for his departure Monday morning.

Then Monday, Jan called and he had taken the train from Eugene and was coming my direction. We did a Vancouver Bike Club ride on Wednesday and Friday he packed his bike up for cargo on his return flight to the Netherlands. I took him to the airport on Saturday, and took Suzie’s Mom on Wednesday the 14.


Here is me, Amy, Liam and Mark for a final farewell in Florence. Also you see our new puppy, Poppy making a cameo appearance at the bottom of the frame.

On Friday August 16, I am asking friends and anyone to gather at O’Connors in SW Portland to let me share my experience and show pictures and my equipment off. Leave me a ‘comment’ if you need directions to O’Connors.

I’d like to encourage everyone to go the the page “other bloggers on the trip” and check our their blogs. Granted, Jan’s blog is hard to read in Dutch, but the pictures are the best of anyone on the trip. Also, be sure to check Chris Jones’s blog, as he continues his adventures in Europe. I heard from him last week and he was in Paris getting ready for more biking. Also, Mark’s blog on Crazy Guy On a Bike .com for his perspective on our trip.

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