Alsea, Oregon – day 90

We pedaled out of the Willamette Valley to Alsea on Friday.
After a few miles we pulled into Monroe for a stop at a bakery and to consult our maps. We were all off the Adventure Cycling Assoc maps taking another route to the coast. And every other person was taking different roads to Alsea. Those that took to South Fork Road to Alsea Falls were rewarded with a quiet road with great views. Amy and I took another side road for a dozen miles to get off Highway 99W before getting on Highway 34, but I’d wished we had followed the Alsea Falls trail because of logging trucks and busy roads.
The reason we took this route was to give everyone a nice ride down the coastal road Highway 101 tomorrow. Otherwise, the riders would arrive at the beach and then turn around and head home.
We had one more summit to get over to get into the coastal range.



Jack and I were assigned cooking detail and we chose to order a large number of pizzas from the store that agreed to deliver to the Salmonberry State Campground about 7 miles from Alsea. My wife, Suzie and her mom, Mary arrived with apple pies for desert and breakfast muffins. We were cut off from cell service and Internet but that was good time for us to reminisce about the trip and laugh and drink.

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