Harrisburg, Oregon – day 89

The day was cloudy from the start and I never took my long sleeve wool shirt off. We enjoyed some mist after leaving McKenzie Bridge this morning, so when we got down to the town of Vida at mile 23 and saw the cafe it was an oasis for the road traveller. The waitress seemed to know us and was ahead of every request. So different from our hosts in eastern Oregon. We enjoyed eggs and sausage for ( you know) – the 2nd breakfast. Finally the mist let up and we continued our path along the McKenzie River. We passed 2 covered bridges and the river and lodges were beautiful.



Our route around Springfield and Eugene worked well and with very little traffic after a few miles. We crossed under I-5 near Coburg, and kept going to Harrisburg. A total of 67 miles with great temperatures and little climbs. Everyone remarked how this day felt like a day in Virginia following along creeks and rivers.
Finally we came to an area of the Willamette Valley that I expect with large fields and agriculture economy.

We are staying at the River Bend Resort north of Harrisburg.

Came across a namesake cafe. It had both signs on the building, but it closed at 3:00 PM

Tomorrow we get over to Oregon 34 and head towards the coastal range for our last night of camping. We will be at Salmonberry State Park and my lovely wife and her Mom, Mary, will drop by as they gather for our wheel dip on Saturday.
The end of the trip is on everybody’s mind.


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