Prineville, Oregon – day 86

Today we saw Mt. Jefferson and the 3 Sisters for the first time. That was exciting to see. After 16 miles we were at top of Ochoco Pass.

We stopped every few minutes on the climb to catch our breath. There is hardly a reason to rush a bike ride, best to go slow and enjoy the view.


The ride today was less than 50 miles and we stopped at Ochoco Lake State Park to eat our sandwiches and relax. It was just noon and about 10 miles to go to Prineville. So we made a quick stop at a Tastee Freez and to the RV park. I’m cooking with Howard tonight in a nicely equipped camp kitchen.

Tomorrow we will be going through Sisters.
I may update later, as I have to go grocery shopping now.

Here is my first view of Mt. Jefferson

One thought on “Prineville, Oregon – day 86

  1. It’s still amazing that you’re doing this. Hope you & the rest of the group can really enjoy the final days.

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