Mitchell, Oregon – day 85

Another record for me, 82 miles. WOW! Temperature in the low 80’s late in the day, so it wasn’t so bad, But most of the last 40 miles was climbing up Keyes Creek Summit, with no services. Seems much easier to do now. The key for me is to go slow and stop often.
This morning was unexpectedly cold. I didn’t put the rain fly on the tent last night, and the cold air just ran through the tent. I packed up and had warm weather gear on until I got to John Day, Oregon (13 miles down the road) and stopped for biscuits and gravy to fuel up extra. That was the largest town today. Though. I found a latte with my name on it in Dayville ( mile 43). Then we started climbing. The first landmark was the fossil beds and then a remarkable scenic change at the ‘Picture Gorge’




Came upon a tree that people were throwing shoes into. I asked them why, and they said they were doing it because the tree was full of other shoes.


We are staying at the historic Oregon Hotel in Mitchell. And it is beautiful.



Tomorrow will be a stop in Prineville with less that a 50 mile day, so that will be nice. Then we will go to Sisters. It is getting really close to the end. I’m so happy to be calling an end to this trip, though it has been a trip of a lifetime. I have my lovely wife to thank for supporting me on this. She has been extremely busy while I’ve been gone, with getting a rental house cleaned up and selling it in 2 days.
I’m excited that she and her mother, Mary will be joining us for the wheel dip on Saturday at Beachside State Park. My nephew, Nate will join us for the party at Florence later on Saturday.
Then it will be over for me. Most of the rest of the crew are riding to Eugene on Sunday.
Jack is sleeping in this room. He is hoping he doesn’t wake in the middle of a bad dream tonight.



Every room is in a different decor. He has the wild life room

One thought on “Mitchell, Oregon – day 85

  1. Love the latte with your name on it, and Suzie, Mary and Nate coming for the ‘dip’! The bear in the room – not so much. Creepy!

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