Prairie City, Or. – day 84

Today was a good ride. The route was talked a lot because there were 3 summits to get over. All of them over 5,100 feet, and steep down hills. Most of the up hills were relative easy. Lots of pine trees.

We left Baker City and rode Oregon Highway 9 to our first rest stop after 2 summits and 50 miles. We got close to Sumpter at mile 25 but it was 3 miles off route so I skipped a second breakfast and rode on to Austin Junction ( intersection with US 26). The lady running the place was civil but rude to most everyone. I had blackberry cobbler and ice cream. I left offering no tip for the first time.



The history of our journey today was the Sumpter Valley Railroad. It was built to take lumber out of the hills to Baker City. It was never connected to other rail lines and was abandoned in 1947.



These downhill rides were breath taking. 20130727-193909.jpg

We are staying at the Depot RV and Museum.
We had a 66 mile day today, and the temperature was fine. We will do more tomorrow but not so many climbs. We are going to Mitchell, Oregon and reports are that AT&T service and cell service is poor.
Less than a week to go before this adventure is over. We are thinking about the transition to real life in a few days.

4 thoughts on “Prairie City, Or. – day 84

  1. Jake, I’m still in France, but if you get to Sisters, please call the house. They are expecting you! We have enjoyed following your blog! Love, Philly

  2. Jake,
    Buddy, after 84 days, you can knock out another six, no problem!
    Looking forward to buying you a big breakfast when you get back…
    Best wishes,
    Tom K

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