Baker City, Oregon – rest day 83

Such a well earned rest day. I slept I till 7:00 and we had breakfast at the restaurant next door (Oregon Trail Restaurant ) this picture is from yesterday at my last lunch.

Liam had his ninth flat tire yesterday and his tenth this morning while it sat on his motel room. It sounds weird, but Mike and Harry both had flats yesterday while their bikes were in their room too. One blew up next door to our room while I was standing up and it startled me. 3 flats in one night in a motel.
Here is Liam carrying his flat bicycle to a cleaning.


There are a lot of signs painted on the buildings of Baker City. I like this one for a hotel.20130726-175235.jpg

And this is a business that is doing good business still, even though we don’t have cars with carburetors anymore 20130726-175359.jpg

Baker City is a great spot to stop. They serve espresso, great wine and beers and several places to choose from to eat.

Tomorrow we are off on a ride to Prairie City. I’ve never heard of it before. But tomorrow I’ll have know more

2 thoughts on “Baker City, Oregon – rest day 83

  1. Jake, it all sounds so beautiful and very difficult. So proud of you all. Baker City looks like it could b e Cushing, or thousands of other small towns in US. For someone who doesn’t particularly like history you’re sure learning a lot. I’m envious. You’ll be home soon. Love you, NJ

    • This has been an adventure of a lifetime. Some of the store fronts in Baker City could be museums. They had a Sears store there too, on Main Street, just like they did in the 60’s everywhere.
      Wishing you a happy birthday on Tuesday, celebrate all week!

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