Baker City, Oregon – day 82

To tell you the truth, I was hurting this morning. I thought the ride was going to be hard, and my body was telling me how it felt about yesterday’s ride through Hell’s Canyon.
The fact is the ride today was just as hard as described. A person must be mad to do this kind of thing on a daily basis?
Lucky for me that the group I bike with enjoy taking breaks, and sitting in shade trees or a cafe for a 2nd breakfast. Lately, Jack, Amy, Liam & I are taking the slow way into town.
Our only stop today for anything was at mile 12. So if you wanted water or food for the next 40 miles that was it. So, though we weren’t thirsty or hungry we pulled into a cafe and had eggs, sausage, toast – the works. I think that made the rest of the day much easier. Though towards the end of the day every drop of water or juice was very warm.

The day was spent looking at vistas, first leaving Halfway in the Eagle Valley, and then coming over the hill into the Powder River valley.





After coming into Richland, Oregon, we had breakfast and grasped for strength for the next leg. It was going to be hard. But, somehow we became more thankful than regretful. My family and friends praying for us and it worked. I honestly did not see my shadow till noon time, the light was shaded by light clouds and the winds were very favorable and mostly at our backs. The long cycles up the hills were taken slowly and stopping often.


Coming into Baker City, we rode along another collection of old cars and farm equipment 20130725-174717.jpg
Our first stop in town was an very minimally sign brewery. Note the small sign painted on the wall. It was a great place with 15 brews to taste or sample for free.



We drank too much on an empty stomach, but we eventually made it to our motel ( though a bit wobbly). I had my first dinner or last lunch at 4:30 – hamburger and shake. We are going out later after a break.
Tomorrow, Friday, is a rest day. So I may have little to report.
Thanks for following me, and I’m sorry about whining so much – we are having fun though. Be sure to see another view point at Marks and Chris’s blog. See web page on ‘other bloggers’

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