Council, Idaho – day 80

Left a sweet RV camp in Riggins. Chris and I had cooking duties last night. We made a pasta meat sauce with garlic, bacon and ground beef, tomatoes..
Chris finished it off with a home run with orange flambeau! Wow, these guys are great cooks


We left on south US 95, and climbed along side the Little Salmon River along a gentle uphill road for 25 miles. At Pinehurst, mile 14, we stopped for a break. Bought a candy bar, gatoraide, and a bottle of Starbucks frappachino (sp?).


Finally reaching the top of a higher meadow that stretched for about 25 miles before dropping into the Weiser River Valley and stopping in Council, Idaho.


The temperature is reaching the upper 90’s as we got into town. The RV park has great showers and we will be OK. Tomorrow we are going to Halfway, Oregon! Our first day in Oregon!
Jack has called ahead just now and found 6 motel rooms too! It just can’t get better than that. It will be a trip through Hell’s Canyon and it will be a long trip with a lot of road construction.




The young boys, Bryan and Liam are cooking tonight. The grocery store just delivered food but it looks only like breakfast and lunch. She said they were going to the pizza shop for grub tonight.

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