Riggins, Idaho – day 79

We had a noisy night in the city park last night. We had 2 uninvited guests that dropped out of Jack’s 2010 TransAm trip. They had driven 100 miles to meet our group. The lady seemed to be nice, though. And there was a company picnic going to nightfall.
This morning we had a short mild 10 mile uphill, and then an incredible view of valleys and mountain ranges as we descended into the Salmon River valley on old highway 95. The road had no traffic and a dozen switch backs and was incredibly beautiful.

It was a 50 miles day, and it became warm by noon, and we were glad to pull into a very nice River Village RV park in Riggins.
I am cooking tonight with Chris, another great cook.
Some of the group are donning life vests and jumping into the river upstream, then shooting a funnel in front of us. Then they paddle into an eddy that flows along the side. The owner offered to chase anyone that misses the eddy.
We found a fruit stand at Fiddle Creek, mile 40, that offered apple pie and ice cream. Very nice, and then a short ride into Riggins.








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