Grangeville. Idaho – day 78

It is Sunday and we had a short but difficult day climbing a 10 mile long serious hill. But before we got to the hill we had another gentle 30 miles along the river in the Clearwater National Forrest. What a delightful 100 or so miles along the rivers here.
We are located this afternoon in a city park in Grangeville.
We stopped at the Kooski Cafe for breakfast, and then had road construction for 10 miles.
The talk recently is of the end of the trip. Less than 2 weeks to go. We all are thinking of it, but we know there is a lot of travels to do.
A eastbound couple from Sacramento I met who were on a casual trip from Oregon to Cody, Wyoming stopped to talk to me as I was struggling up the hill this morning. The fellow was very observant and noticed that my rear tire was worn out. I had not noticed it before, but upon arriving in camp I verified the worn out tire and saw that I shouldn’t go further on it. I have been carrying a new spare for many years so I put it on and am now on 3rd rear tire. The last tire lasted me about 1500 miles.
The total for the trip so far is 3,650 miles.
Wow – the memories of so many places in just as many days is so crazy to imagine. I am glad to have the blog to remind me of this trip, but I am anxious to get home to my lovely wife, Suzie, grand kids and so many wonderful friends.







2 thoughts on “Grangeville. Idaho – day 78

  1. We love to hear this story – daily. Yes, and to think, it will find a end point soon….It’s been so fast, and so slow. See the USA at 10 MPH. Wow.

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