Syringa,Id – day 77

Saturday morning we awoke in the woods. It was very cool but we continued our trip along the Lochsa River.
The trip followed the river all day long.

At mile 12, we crossed an entry point to a hot spring (Jerry Johnson) and Chris and Harry stopped and hiked the mile into the spring. While they were sitting in the spring a moose came out into the clearing. It was very exciting for them. I didn’t go because it was only 8:30 in the morning and a long ride ahead.
We may be out of service tomorrow as we head to Grangeville




I stopped at Lowell, Idaho about 1:00 PM and had a hamburger and fries. Then 7 miles latter we stopped at Syringa. There was no place to eat except at the cafe, and the menu was fixed. It was fine though and we slept fine. Tomorrow will be shorter by 7 miles because we decided not to stop at Lowell because it was so many poor reports. We wonder what could be that bad! We’ve stayed at some bad places.

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