Powell USFS Campground, Id – day 76

Never even imagining we’d end up in such a beautiful place, we left Arlan and Shawn’s house in Missoula headed for Lolo Pass. The first 9 miles were busy US 93 with noise and traffic that was distracting. But once on US 12 from Lolo we had about 30 miles of a gradual climb that was very enjoyable.
I stopped for a latte in Lolo at 12 miles, glad to be off US93, and then we had sandwiches in Lolo Hot Springs (mile 36) with a cold soda near the summit. We mounted an assault on Lolo Pass for the last 4 miles uphill and was rewarded with gorgeous high mountain forests and raising rivers as we descended into the Lochsa Valley.
I’ll uploaded pictures later, but the transition to mountain forests and into a real campground is dramatic.
The Lochsa River Lodge offers a delightful shower with cotton towel and private room for $5.00. A warm chocolate brownie and ice cream followed by a dinner of pork loin by Chef Harry topped off a great day and beautiful setting after weeks in the desert and prairies.


I finished Montana with 317 miles. 20130721-075931.jpg




Liam’s Mom came to meet us and brought her teardrop camper.


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