Missoula, Mt – day 74

We had about a 70 mile ride today. It was a slight down hill with a tail wind all the way. We were doing 13 MPH with little effort. We stopped after 16 miles at Hamilton when we saw a espresso shop. They had mounted trophy heads of animals from South Africa. A Huto (?)





We took another route into Missoula, got lost but got to the ‘mothership’ by 2:15

We weighted our bikes, mine weighed in at 80 pounds.
I met Greg Siple who was involved with the original rides in 1977. Also Liam’s Mom, Daphne Cant, who drove from B.C. To visit. She did the 1976 ride as a leader.


We are camped at Arlan’s house. He is the director of tours with ACA. They are have a lunch for us tomorrow.
More tomorrow …

These are pictures of pictures of people who have dropped by in the last few weeks. I recognize several.20130717-205940.jpg





One thought on “Missoula, Mt – day 74

  1. What a milestone – reaching Missoula. Interesting seeing the others that have come before. Good stories!

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