Darby, Mt thru the Bitterroot Mountains – day 73

Wow, what a great day, at least of far, clouds and lightning are brewing on the horizon.
This was a 75 mile day with a 3,000 foot drop into the Bitterroot Valley. We had a great big buffet breakfast served at 6:00 AM in the dining room at the Jackson Hot Spring Resort. I couldn’t eat all that I took, then they gave us sack lunches that had huge portions. All for a reasonable price.


This is taken at sun rise in the camping area20130716-170153.jpg
We had a mostly flat rode to Wisdom, mile 18 and came upon an espresso / gift store..





On the way to Chief Joseph pass i stopped by this visitor center at the Big Hole National Monument to describe the brutal war between the US and the Nez Perce Indians. It was very troubling to watch the short movie and to look out over this beautiful landscape. Our army should never had acted in that way, and I hope we stop the killing of innocent people. 20130716-170847.jpg
Along the way to the half way point, before the big drop, I passed miles and miles of this fence. The travel pathways are the same that humans have taken for thousands of years and were taken by Lewis & Clark.


Once over the Chief Joseph Pass and onto US 93, we briefly entered Idaho for about a half mile. Then we flew down hill for over 9 miles, taking in the views and watching the road carefully as we gain speed. Eventually we had to pedal the last 15 miles, but it was mostly downhill following the Bitterroot River to Darby.
Tomorrow is on to the mecca of biking, Missoula. We are taking 2 nights there but it will be camping.
Avg speed of 12.9 and little wind until the end of the ride. Forecast for rain tonight, and light winds tomorrow too.

2 thoughts on “Darby, Mt thru the Bitterroot Mountains – day 73

  1. Jake, I’m watching the end of Ken Burn’s “Lewis & Clark” and wondered if you all would cross paths with the Expedition. So I was thrilled to hear your note on their path and the Nez Pearce – very sad part of our history after their kindness to L & C. Why is Missoula the biking mecca? The Bitterroots sound powerful.

    • I think the reason Missoula is the Mecca because the Adventure Cycling Assoc is based there, and they arranged the first Trans America rides in 1976. Bike Centennial was the first name for the trip. This trip took us by a rock landmark in Montana called Beaverhead. (Though I couldn’t see it). It was said that Sacajawea recognized it and told L&c about it. And we’ve been on there trail now for several days. Though we haven’t stopped at all landmarks, I’ve read a lot and they get a bit hit and miss.


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