Jackson, Mt. – day 72

We had a good evening in the Dillon KOA. Mike and Jan grilled pork and mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was a quiet evening and another early start. This morning was a bit different in that we were not going to have any water or food until we arrived at the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge. It was going to be 48 miles with 2 big climbs. I was a bit nervous, but had about 5 bottles of water. By the end of the day, I had given a bottle away and drank everything else with a small gulp left.
The climbs were slow and long, but the winds were good to us.
This lodge is really a gem to have. It has a large floor with the dining room, and a large hot pool.



Here is some landscape of today.


These are old time machines that were used here to stack hay in high stacks.20130715-162932.jpg



This place is great, they don’t open till 8:00 AM, but since we are a large group, they are providing a buffet at 6:00 AM, and packing us lunches. There is nothing else for miles around.
I just had a monster hamburger for a second lunch.



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