Dillon,Mt. – day 71

I am really sorry that I didn’t spend some time in Ennis. It had a really touristy downtown with lots of shops for everyone. Alas, I didn’t stop as I had cooking duties, and the KOA was 2 miles out of town. We were up early and took Montana Rt. 287 leaving US Rt. 287 to start climbing 2,000 feet in the first 12 miles, ugggg!



Our first stop was Virginia City. Another cute very small touristy main street. We couldn’t find a coffee or bakery at 10:30 Sunday morning.



We found a very busy cafe in Nevada City and we sat at counter seats for our 2nd breakfast at a very hard 15 mile mark. Averaging only 6.5 MPH by then…. Did I say uggggh! before?
The rest of the day was much easier but we were so sweaty and tired it took a while to dry out, and the sprinkles on the mountain top really gave us a chill as we came down hill.

Later, if you check back, I’ll have pictures of a cattle drive that was taking place in the middle of the road as we were descending into Virginia City. At the pass, we encountered a truck with lights flashing and blocking the road. We started down the road and came upon hundreds of cattle walking up the hill. I was focused on riding the bike and didn’t take pictures, but Jan and Henk are forwarding some they took.
After a 70 mile day, my ending avg MPH was 11.6, and that is OK. There was little wind and the temps was barely into the 80’s later in the day.



The fellow that runs the Dillon KOA is a bit intolerant of hippies especially with the Rainbow tribe.20130714-181153.jpg
I am counting the days till our trip is over, and let me say it is less than 3 weeks.


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