West Yellowstone to Ennis. Mt.. – day 70

I said my goodbyes to my beautiful wife, Suzie, and Rhonda and took off north out of town. Our good fortune was 21miles out was a lovely diner on the Madison River near Quake Lake, the “Campfire Lodge Resort”. It was crowded, but we found seats at the counter. The river is roaring outside, and they are serving cinnamon rolls and pancakes as big as the plates. The area was heavily damaged by a 1959 7.5 earthquake and landslides created a dam that made a new lake.

We did a 75 mile ride with a good tail wind and downhill for the most part. We did a 13.8 avg MPH which is very good. At the 60 miles point we stopped at Cameron for a soda pop at a every thing bar / cafe / liquor store ….

The establishment didn’t look like the sign, but it was a great place to stop and have our lunch.

We ran into Henk from the Netherlands. He’s been following Jan’s blog and is looking forward to meeting him at our RV park in Ennis20130713-193856.jpg

Harry and I were the cooks tonight. Another lucky day for me to be assigned to cook with Chief Chef Harry. We rode to the local grocery and negotiated a delivery in return for our purchase. The manger was great and first offered us the keys to her car. Then found time to drive herself. We boiled chicken legs and breasts. Then used the water to make instant mashed potatoes, throw in a salad, and finish the chicken on the grill with BBQ sauce. Yum, Yum.

Tomorrow on to Dillon, Mt

One thought on “West Yellowstone to Ennis. Mt.. – day 70

  1. Hi, Jake. I know it was hard not to get in the car with Suzie and head home. It sounds like you had a great day though to resume your journey. Prayers continue for tail winds and safe travels.

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