West Yellowstone via Old Faithful – day 65

This is the day I’ve been looking forward to for a year, and it did not disappoint. I got up at sunrise, and packed up at Grant Village, knowing it was going to be a relative easy 50 miles to West Yellowstone. I had a snack at a gas station (that has been a common moment for a long time) and did the 17 miles to Old Faithful. I just missed the 90 minute blow off upon my arrival so I went to the Old Faithful Inn built over 100 years ago to have a breakfast.



I had a great breakfast and bought post cards and went down to watch the geyser do its thing.



I’ve got a video of it – though it’s not good.
After a couple of hours I moved on and after a few miles I came upon my first buffalo traffic stop. Seems they don’t wait for the cars to pass. I’ve got a video of it crossing

I had a nice 15 miles of tail wind and many geyser stops. It was spectacular and much bigger than I had imagined. There are many geysers, and I was happy to be on a bike and make quick stops into the parking lots and down lengthy paths.

Here is a video of a geyser.20130708-163532.jpg



The last 15 miles was along the Madison River into West Yellowstone and to my first stop in Montana. I have checked into the very nice hotel and having a relaxing time. I hear the normal evening thunder storm developing outside, but tonight I don’t worry.



After 374 miles in Wyoming I enter Montana. Total mileage is 3100 miles20130708-164157.jpg
I’ve also updated the posts for a few earlier posts with pictures and comments.

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