Yellowstone Park – day 64

Left the ACA group in Colter Bay this morning and made the 44 mile trip to Yellowstone.
The fire from last night was rekindled and everyone enjoyed sitting around a fire for coffee and breakfast. Thanks to many people for gathering and keeping the fire going.
The ACA group can not go through the park and will have to go around to get to West Yellowstone. I will meet them Saturday the 13.
I am in Grant Village campground with David from New Zealand and Ed from Detroit both have traveled with us for over 6 weeks.
Suzie and Rhonda will meet me Tuesday at West Yellowstone.. They should be arriving at Jackson this afternoon.

I am leaving the camp with out my companions for the first time in over 2 months.

This is the view of the Tetons from Colter Bay in the morning.



I ran into a couple of guys, Al and Doug, going the other direction. These two are on moutain bikes and are going Canada to Mexico along the Great Divde. Image doing what I’m doing and then it along gravel paths hardly using pavement. This is their blog

Got to the Snake River, is this the origins of the river


I stopped at Flagg Resort about 20 miles out and had a 4 shot Latte – wow, and charged needed appliances and watched the news on TV while sitting on a SOFA. What a luxury to enjoy. Took over an hour of enjoying this before I took off for the park20130708-152857.jpg
Then while climbing along the Lewis River a huge canyon exposed itself and I was taken aback by the depth of it and how it was feet away from me without a guard rail. I went for the center of the right lane to ensure no one passed me. Another Wow moment in Adventure Cycling.


The Lewis Falls


This is my tent site. I am camping with Ed and David. I went to dinner with Ed this evening. Ed’s career was in auto brakes for many firms in Detroit. 20130708-154356.jpg

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