Grand Teton National Park – day 63

Last night we ate at the Cowboy Cafe in Dubois. Great food and pie for desert. Leaving Dubois this morning we knew this was going to be a special day. The destination was Grand Teton Park and we were all anxious to get there. The maps showed only a ten mile uphill. And by mile 30 we’d be singing songs going down hill to Moran Junction to the park.

It got more interesting when we noticed the clouds growing around the mountains. The pictures got more cloudy, and we stopped at Hatchet Lodge at mile 47. While eating at the Hatchet Cafe, a full summer thunderstorm shook loose with winds and lightning. We waited it out and by the time we got out onthe road,we had a tail wind and dry for the last 20 miles. We flew into the park on flat roads that led us to Colter Bay Campground.

Brian borrowed a neighbors car to go buy groceries and he and Howard made a pasta, sausage sauce for dinner, with food for the fire and makings for ‘some-mors’.

Chris got into camp late because of a flat that delayed his departure from Hatchet Cafe. another storm came through and he waited it out again.
We heard talk of grisly bear, and Jack saw 3 cubs along the road and didn’t stop to takes picture. But Jan later saw them and caught a picture of her.
Now, Sunday morning and I’m headed into Yellowstone Park. The rest of the group is headed to Jackson, Wy.
Here are pictures from Saturday







I will be at Grant Village this evening (Sunday).Suzie should be arriving in Jackson.
Pictures from Jan



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