Dubois, Wy. – day 62

We left Lander this morning and it was so quiet, after the 3 hours of fireworks all across town last night.

Big new is Peter has left the tour, he said he wasn’t having fun and that is why we do this, so I understand, and we will miss him.
Days like today a normal person would certainly ask himself if you are having fun. 75 miles , mostly uphill and with a head wind. Wow!
I’ll answer yes to that that now, but many times in 8:00 hours of pedaling I was wondering. I cycled with Mark a lot today and that guy can put a positive spin and smile on a day, thanks Mark.
Here are some pictures of some views.


Our first watering / food stop at Ft. Washakie at mile 15, I just bought food and drink and pedaled on until mile 33 when we took our first stop to eat and fill our water bottles.
At mile 45 we came upon Crowheart and we ate and drank again. By this time it was 1:00 PM and we were feeling the pain of uphill and wind.




After 75 miles, the cooks have chosen to strike, so Jack gave us $ to go fend for ourselves. There are many places within walking distance for us to choose.
I am looking forward to seeing my lovely wife next week as she and I make our way to see each other.


This is the front door of our KOA campground tonight


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