Landers – day 61

Yeah, a rest day and the Fourth of July and we are in a huge parade!
We slept in this morning, then went downtown to join in on the Pioneer Days 4th of July celebrations.

One of the examples of how this parade played out was demonstrated by one of the first ‘floats’.
This truck and trailer is passing out beer to illustrate them “Proudly serving the needs of Fremont County”.
But if you did run up and get a beer they pelted you with water balloons and water guns. So funny.


What a kick, every other entry was throwing water balloons and getting balloons tossed to them.

We were going to be at the tail end, so I didn’t think anybody would be waiting around for us to come by, but I was wrong. The crowds weren’t exactly waiting for us, but everyone knew what was behind us, all the fire department trucks with sirens wailing and water cannons shooting water hundreds of feet into the air. Children could hardly wait for them but we had candy in our handle bar bags to satisfy their immediate need of more free candy.




It was so much fun and people would stop us to ask questions but most people appeared to recognize us. The float in front drew fire by tossing water balloons and played old rock n roll music while the sirens and blasting fire engines were behind us. Fun Fun Fun!

Afterwards, we went to the city park for a buffalo hamburger, dogs and such put on by the Rotary Club.

Besides this action, our neighbor at the motel are east bounders Sandy and Dennis from St. Pete’s Beach, Florida. Look at their travel arraignments. A tandem Bike Friday, pulling a trailer with the shipping containers doubling as large suitcases. They are 70 years old and started a month ago in Oregon. I think they are crazy, but they are having so much fun I didn’t say anything but WOW, and great adventure. Talk about ‘feeling the love’ these people are showing it.

This town has a rodeo this afternoon followed by a large fireworks show that I’m told the whole city residents join in.
I’m planning to stay to stay in the motel and catch a peep of it, before trying to sleep. We have a long up hill all day tomorrow but the good news is there is food and water along the way.

This just in, from Jan, a movie of the parade

2 thoughts on “Landers – day 61

  1. Looks like a great time Jake! Such wonderful memories you are making! We had 24 people at our place for burgers & brats tonight 🙂

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