Lander, Wy. – day 60

Leaving is not always easy. And leaving the Split Rock Bar & Cafe was that kind of feeling. True to promise, the bathrooms were available by 6:00 am, then great free flowing coffee and a breakfast of sausage and eggs. Outside was wind, and nothing for 60 miles.
Out first stop was the Sweetwater River at Sweetwater Station. There was a Mormon Campground that has recently used for a outdoor event to honor their founders efforts crossing the trails here. We came upon several things that denoted the Oregon Trail, and Mormon Trails.


This is strange, but the travelers would dig up ice here
We filled our water bottles for the last time today after only 18 miles and headed out. The winds picked up for several miles, and our traveller Liam help pull us through the worst parts. Thanks.
Met Matt and Sarah. Their blog looks fun to read. They are from San Diego and started in Astoria.

But we had down hill aplenty


We had some great downhill runs that went for over 5 miles. The headwinds just kept our speed down but it was a real beautiful ride with awesome views.



I stopped and talked to a few eastbounders coming up the climb, and met a Scottish lady, whose husband was driving a van to support her. Her voice ‘sang’ in my head for an hour afterwards. Love those Scottish English speakers.
After 50 miles we gave up on finding food or water, and I found a TREE with Bermuda grass under it right off the road. The house owners were not around but we threw ourselves on the grass and ate anything we had. I had packed a sandwich I bought at the Split Rock. Then ten miles on to Lander and to the Holiday Lodge. I booked a room with Jack, while others are camping a few feet away.
For those that ‘subscribe’ and get this by email, be sure to get updated info at the website, because I am always fixing typos and adding through out the evening.
Tomorrow we are in the Landers Fourth of July Parade. Suppose to be lots of fireworks here tomorrow.
No one is cooking while we are here, this is a rest stop. I think we are going to a brew pub tonight. I am happy to be in a bed tonight, thanks to my sponsor, wife – Suzie my love.

2 thoughts on “Lander, Wy. – day 60

  1. Have a Happy 4th to you & your group! Anxious to see pics of the parade! So enjoyed getting to see you in Breckenridge & meeting the other bikers with you! Enjoyed them all 🙂
    Love, Mar & Mike

  2. It seems from yours & Peter’s blogs that yesterday was a rough day with no services & the wind. Hope things go better from here on out…we continue to keep you in our prayers. Riding a bike has to be an amazing way to see this country! Have fun in the parade, today! We want to see pictures, too.

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