Jeffery City – day 59

We left the RV park at Rawlins this morning and headed north on Highway 287. We had a nice restaurant called the Annalope’ Cafe at mile 33 after 12 miles of road construction. It had only the owner running it, so getting 12 breakfast orders and cooking it took some time. But time is all we have so we enjoyed our 2 nd breakfast and was rolling again at 10:3020130702-153614.jpg20130702-153633.jpg
We stopped at Muddy Gap for cold water and then stopped to view the historic land mark called “Split Rock” which has a distinctive shape that guided everyone on the Oregon Trail.20130702-153955.jpg20130702-154109.jpg
After riding 67 miles we were not sure of what we were to find at Jeffery City. But we found a restaurant/ bar called the “Split Rock Bar & Cafe” that will feed us tonight and be open tomorrow at 6:00 AM and has A/C and allow us to camp outside and use a water hose. This place has two large rooms with good food and drink, plus WiFi. Besides the fact that it is out of the sun and cool, it is the only place in 60 + miles.

It was awarded the ‘Trail Angel’ in 2013′ and I can see why.

On top of this gem, I met two wonderful ladies who have been childhood friends. They are going to complete the Trans Am by the time their 70. Sally Schmidt is a school teacher from Portland, Oregon in the Centennial School district, (64 years) and her friend Patsy Helmetag is from Annapolis. They are doing 2-3 weeks a year. And this is their 3rd year. And today they are in Jeffery City with 25 other bikers.

And look at their bicycles, they are recumbents!! These ladies are great!

The place is crowded with the 12 of our group, the 10 “Wounded Warriers” team that are going eastbound, and several others.


As I mentioned, Jeffery City use to be a thriving place in the 50-80’s. we are off to Lander tomorrow and we’ll spend 2 nights there.
There is not much out here, but the excitement is growing for the Tetons and Yellowstone in the next few days.
The food and services look bleak tomorrow. The trip is 60 miles, with only water at mile 18. But I’ve researched and found about 1 in 5 cyclists found services at 47 miles. We don’t know why everyone can’t find the store. And we think it strange that you could miss a store out here with nothing for miles. Tomorrow, I’ll report how we fare on the day and how we ate and survived.

One thought on “Jeffery City – day 59

  1. Amazing, just amazing . . . . the landscape, the outposts, the intestinal fortitude of all of you. Farewell, brother! You all are in our prayers.

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