Rawlins, Wy. – day 58

We had a good night rest in Saratoga and took a leisurely exit from the motel. That said, I think it was 7:20 when I took off on the 42 mile stroll to Rawlins. There was hardly a breeze, and the riding was another awe inspiring ride. Saratoga is the the North Platte river and is close to the Overland Trail.


It was 20 miles to the freeway. The interstate is the only way to get through this part of Wyoming.

The wind was not a problem, and we coasted for what seemed miles towards Rawlins (about 17 miles). We exited at Sinclair, and found the original name was Parco. Mr. Sinclair himself bought the town and built a refinery here. There still is a refinery here.



It was only 11:00 when we got into Rawlins, and found the perfect spot – a espresso and ice cream shop on the Main Street of Cedar, Huckleberry’s. after leaving the sanctuary of the shop we rode out to the RV park on the side of town.
I set up my tent, and had a lunch and a long shower. There is a campers lounge in the loft of the main building. The stairway is a bit of a challenge, but we have A/C, TV, and over stuffed sofa and chairs, nice!


Tomorrow we head to Jeffery City. This place is literally a ghost town. During the 1950’s on to the 1980’s uranium ore was mined here. The mine was closed and everyone left. There is only a restaurant that we can eat, and use their facilities. But I don’t think we will have service for communication. The following day, we will be in Lander for a extended stay.

This is our camp pavilion in Rawlins. Peter and Liam prepared mashed potatoes, sausages and salad.



One thought on “Rawlins, Wy. – day 58

  1. We dropped Nate in Denver with a friend Saturday morning, & both Jeff & I & Sam, Pum & girls made it home Saturday night. Jonathan & Megan came in Sunday afternoon. Glori made it back to Wilmington on Sunday, as well. (I’m assuming Michael made it to Portland that day, too) I remember Rawlins from our 2 cross-country car trips–Charlotte to Portland. We stopped at Rawlins both times. What I remember was all the horse pens that you could see from the interstate…not much else, except a place to get gas & snacks. It was great to see you & the rest of the family in Breckenridge! We enjoyed the trek up to Sulfur Hot Springs & seeing the rest of the group, again, too. Hope you have good weather & great traveling for the rest of the trip!

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