Saratoga, Wy. – day 57

Wow, another state – we have left Colorado (484 miles) after it seems too short a time. Leaving Walden this morning after a noisy Saturday night in the city park we saw these views as we rode north. Beautiful, awesome.





These are prong horn antelope. That we saw a plenty of.



This is just an awesome trip and these are some of the best days.
We rode 50 miles ( ok only 49) before there was a stop for water or food. I was a bit concerned and packed 5 20 oz. water bottles and several sandwiches. We stopped at the historic location of Riverside, just a stone’s throw from Encampment which was established in 1896 for a mining town. Copper ore was mined and taken to the smelter at Encampment by a 14 mile tramway. It was a big deal back then. I heard from folks that this place was in line to be the state capital.
I had a hamburger and several gathered for a time before making the last 18 miles to Saratoga.
I arrived at about 2:30, after a 67 mile day. Temperatures are in the high 80’s but it doesn’t seem too hot.
There are several hot springs in the city park (called Hobo Hot Springs) that we are going to explore this afternoon. So check back later for more pictures.
We are staying in a very run down cheap motel (Sage & Sand), but we are out of the way of the mosquitos and sun. Thank you Jack!
Tomorrow is a 42 mile shorty as we go to Rawlins, to position ourselves to get to Lander by Wednesday so that we join them in a 4th of July parade on Thursday. The next few days are rough because the lack of services along the way. So we just need to have a backup plan before leaving town.
We went to dinner at Dukes and had pizza which was fine, then I went to the Hot Springs for another mineral bath.

I got a comment about my new shirt my lovely wife sent to me…

And the hot pools…public, free, open 24 hours




One thought on “Saratoga, Wy. – day 57

  1. Hi, Jake. Turners and Abels got home late last night. Just looked at your pictures coming into Breckenridge – beautiful! New State – Wyoming – and new month tomorrow!

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