Walden, Co. – day 56

This entry is being updated from yesterday.
Did 60 miles from Sulphur Hot Springs to Walden. The first half of the day was spent going to the Willow Creek Pass for our second time across the continental divide. Afterwards we had 30 miles crossing open range land, watching the clouds and getting a bit of rain. Service was poor for the blog, and I submitted it via email, this is a correction entry.
Jack’s friends Al and Lee continued to help us, and hauled our beer to us this afternoon.
We are in the city park, and I took a shower at a very nice in door pool. I swam for the first time in a long time, and only could do 1 lap before getting cramps in my legs. Seemed like along day, but I was in the park by 2:30.
Chris Jones and Brian cooked and we had a nice chicken stew and boiled potatoes.
The mosquitos are terrible here in the park, so several of us walked to town to get some ice cream after dinner, and kill time before going to bed.
Tomorrow is Saratoga, Wy, and we have a motel there.

I want to extend my thanks again to my brother, sister, cousin,and all family members who helped me before and after Breckinridge. Your help was very much appreciated.



This appears to be a spoof – Rand, Colrado’s police car20130630-160733.jpg

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