Sulphur Hot Springs – day 55

The ride from Breckenridge to Sulphur Hot Springs was a gorgeous ride, mostly down hill and with many tail winds. My brother and Connie, Sam, Pum, Nate and kids stopped and brought groceries to our campground, and also a tire after I discovered excessive wear on my rear. What a blessing to have family near by. They leave this weekend to go home after a wonderful family reunion in Breckinridge.

We had a 70 mile day., but the climbs were very low, and the temperature was great.
As soon as I got into camp I put my tent up, said goodbye to my family, put up my tent in the camp ground and showered. As I was putting on my tire it started to rain, so I dove into my tent, and then the hail started for 10 minutes. I’m sure glad I had my tent up.
Jack’s friends are here, Allen and Lee, and they brought a stew, pie and ice cream.
There is no cell service or AT&T service but I went to the spa and sat in the tubs and relaxed and thought about the past few days with my family.
I will put all the pictures at the end of this posting using the WiFi in the spa’s lounge. I’ll fix it better later.





I had not prepared any food before leaving town this morning and was worried about not having enough to eat, but we ran into a bait shop with food at 30 miles out. I need to be more careful about food stores when out on the road.



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