Fairplay, Co – day 52

This morning we had a beautiful sky, the moon had not set yet.

It was going to be a long day, and we started about 7:00 AM. And within an hour we came upon a few buffalo.

My cousin Marilyn and Mike met us after about 22 miles with lots of water and sandwiches and cookies and chips. This stop was critical to our day. Though it was only 22 miles, the entire day of 67 miles was almost entirely uphill, and our water bottles emptied many times today. The first town with services was at mile 49, and we could not have gotten that far without Marilyn and Mike filling us up. Thanks so much.

Once we crossed Currant Creek Pass at 9,404 feet we were able to see the ridge of mountains we will cross tomorrow for Hooiser Pass.

We spent the rest of the day crossing the valley of South Park.



20130625-183134.jpgis exceptionally tired at this time, we had head winds and climbed almost every inch. Only 8.8 MPH – 7:37 hours pedaling, but we were on the road for ten hours, as we got to Fairplay at 5:00 PM.

On the walk to dinner, Amy, Liam, Bryan and Jan posed for South Park picture

Tomorrow, we will get to Breckinridge around 1:00 PM.


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