Royal Gorge – day 51

Today, Monday, is a rest day but we pedaled 8 miles up the road from Canon City to get a jump on tomorrow’s big climb to Fairplay. Mark, Amy and I went to get a nice breakfast in Canon City before moving up to the Royal Gorge. With the recent fires here most of the place is closed to tourists. I’d like to do a raft trip but my shoulder isn’t strong enough to paddle so that is out. The park itself is closed till October, so no one is going there
The RV park we are camping is rather bleak and we got here at 11:00AM, So I noticed this little cabin for $48 that Jack and I are to share.


This morning I met Fred and Elizabeth. He said he is 70, and they are crossing the USA on trail and dirt road. He said it took them 60 days to cross Kansas! I was amazed! It took me 10 days on pavement and that was tough, I don’t see the value in drawing it out. They have walked the B&O railroad line across Ohio and took a river canoe for week elsewhere. They mail their food to the post office to pick up along the way.

This area is home to 9 prisons. 4 Federal, 5 state.

The road up here was a gentle climb and was very nice to get into the Rockies.


Mark and I stopped to take in the view.20130624-130751.jpg

I am finding this guy is not to shy, he is under my cabin.


It seems so bizarre that less than 25 days ago I was going through this tunnel in Illinois. This was the video I made going into it and i saw my old friend Debbie the next day.20130624-165904.jpg
Tomorrow is a big day with our start up the road to Hoosier Pass and into Breckinridge. I’ll see my cousin Marilyn and nephew Jon near Guffey on Highway 9 tomorrow.
Tonight we had dinner at a Zip Line / Rafter Grill across the street.
This is Chris Jones from western Australia, Liam from B.C., Mark & Jan.



Jack, Amy, & Peter20130624-194700.jpg



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