Pueblo State Park – day 49

I felt absolutely torn to leave the Ordway Hotel this morning, but move we must. Our first stop at 10 miles promised ‘good cafes’. And had nothing. But we found food and drink at Boone.

I thought this was a great artistic display. It was not a mailbox.20130622-175902.jpg

Old car going to the car show at Pueblo. It was a Chrysler.20130622-175918.jpg

For a rare time 6 of us were riding together.


We had to ride 10 miles on a US 50 with a wide shoulder and most stopped at the bike shop. I found a latte espresso and sandwich, purchased new winter gloves and an insulated water bottle. The bottle will be so nice to have cold water after a few hours in hot weather.
We took the Arkansas River Trail out of town to the park.

Here are pictures of this wild and untamed state park. Temps were in the low 90’s today.





The smoke is clearly visible and the Rocky’s are too20130622-180700.jpg

The sun is red from all the smoke
It was nice to see a river like the Arkansas flowing so rapidly here. We haven’t seen that flow since Missouri. We got a good view of the Rockies this morning before the smoke came in.

Tomorrow’s ride will be less than 50 miles to Canon City, and we can sleep in. Breakfast at 7:00, because the winds and temps should be good to us.



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