Ordway, Co – day 48

Today we broke all records and got on the road at 5:25. Chef Harry assisted by Bryan scrambled 48 eggs with bacon and tomatoes in a breakfast burrito. It was great! And it was ready at 4:50 this morning, it sounds early doesn’t? Well maybe we are still on Central Time, but we had to get moving, we had 60 miles with head winds and 100 degree forecast by early afternoon.
The shadows were long on the road when the sun was coming up.



Several times we saw deer. At one time one ran in front and bounded over the fence.20130621-141234.jpg


You know you are getting close to something when you see the grain elevator ahead, this one ahead is Haswell and it was at mile 21. We were hoping for cold drinks and snacks, though it wasn’t quite 7:30 yet. 20130621-141413.jpg


Here is Harry, Chris, Howard and the back of Mark sitting in front. Bryan found a bicycle gel cover for his saddle, score for him. He’s been putting pot holders on his saddle ( see our Facebook page for more info, it is named like Best Damn Transam group operating today)20130621-141653.jpg

We found shade in Arlington -35 miles. Our water was already warm but we had sandwiches. There was no more water until we reached Ordway.20130621-142305.jpg


Here is a shot of Mike at Ordway20130621-142629.jpg
We got to Ordway after the last 15 plus miles of 10 MPH headwinds and warm weather. The air is obviously filled with smoke, you can smell it and you can see it in the distance west of here. We found a ice cream shop that got us hamburgers, lemonade and a chocolate milkshake. That hit the spot. The Ordway Hotel is beautiful, quite a big step up for us since we’ve been sleeping in live stock pavilions and fairgrounds the past few days.



Carol is our host, and is very generous. Her gardens are full of flowers20130621-143200.jpg

Here is David from New Zealand, he’s been traveling with us from time to time during the last month. He is 69 and has travelled extensively since he retired about 20 years ago.

Ordway actually has a bar, and we are heading down to it shortly after we get cleaned up. Carol is cooking dinner for us tonight, so this is really a treat.
Tomorrow we head towards Pueblo. We are camping outside.

I want to add, we met several east bounders today, but Chuck and Charlie sounds interesting and I think this is his blog Charlie was from Toronto and I can’t remember where Chuck is from right now without reading more. But They started at Astoria, Oregon in May, and hit snow on the McKinzie Pass. Some effort involved when they encountered about 7 miles of snow. I can’t wait to read more about that.
It should be an interesting read. Also, I updated the page for ‘other blogger on this trip’ to include his and others.
The family of 4 with the two daughters are staying tonight at the Ordway Hotel. They are from Cincinnati, I hear.
This is the room Mark and I are sharing. Pretty nice, compared to anything where we’ve been recently.

Mark made a good comment just now that resonated with me. He feels a bit stressed and it has to be related to our vulnerability at this point. We don’t know if tomorrow will bring another day like the one to Eureka. And sleeping in these places, and riding countless miles through completely void space. Wondering if we will find water in time. Or if we stop for too long the winds may get worse. And it can be in every thought for day after day. Anyway, it does make sense.

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