Eads, Co. – day 47

We got out of the fairgrounds before 5:45 AM this morning. The weather reports were forecasting south and SW winds. And we don’t like any wind in our face. Also the temperature was going to go up quickly.
Our documents reported very few resources on the 57 miles ride. But, we found an adequate food and drink at a gas station at Sheridan Lake at mile 30. 20130620-150834.jpg

The winds weren’t bad and we were in Eads before noon today. And I’m glad we did, because by 1:30 the temps are in the high 90.

Saw a group of kids from Geneva College. They took the Southern Express from California, and are going to Pittsburg and other places in the NE. They were van supported.
Also, met a family of 4, two young daughters, mom and dad. They are using hotels along the way. They are going to Oregon.

I’m really excited about getting to Breckinridge on the 26 of June. My family will be converging on the city to have a reunion. There are several members of my group that want to join our family after meeting Jeff & Connie, Sam & Pum. They want to be adopted into the Grubbs family.
For those that are going there, I am leaving to Sulphur Hot Springs on Friday the 28. Some of you may want to join us the first 15 miles on a unique bike trail out of Breckinridge. You can rent a bike in town if you want to.
There is no Internet connection at the fairgrounds, so I’m typing this in A/C building, and will go in town later and find a WiFi or AT&T connection and update this journal.

We will be in Ordway tomorrow staying at a hostel, and the folks there want to cook for us.
Harry is cooking tonight and he is preparing the breakfast meats and eggs right now. He is the best, and I vote that we adopt Harry.
If I can load pictures you’ll see Harry cooking.

This is the library at Tribune20130620-142937.jpg

We left Kansas this morning at mile 15. I logged 516 miles in Kansas.

We are happy to be in Colorado.


I took a couple of pictures to show you my hydration unit. The water is under the seat and holds 42 oz.




2 thoughts on “Eads, Co. – day 47

  1. You all are getting very tan! We should get all your biking team together Wednesday night. Harvey gave me the names of a couple of places and I’ll see where we can go.

  2. We look forward to reading your daily entries. Great to hear this journey as it goes along. Yip, Colorado is dry… and parts of it have been on fire. You will ride hundreds of miles before you see mountains… and then Pow, mountains!!! Yes, family will see you next week. CU.

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