Tribune, Ks – day 46

Many of us slept in the gym last night. It had a padded floor and lots of work out beams and trampoline. The guy who runs it, Lee, coaches world class athletics, and as such he is a bit of a control freak. I’m sure we left a big impression because I dropped a bottle of beer at the front door this morning before he had arrived. I washed and cleaned the floor good, but I’m sure the smell will linger
Chris and Liam cooked great hot dogs and a potato salad.
We left about 7:30 (Central time zone) and found this true to the time gas station on the west side of Scott City. Even the price / gallon is on.



Then we came upon our first wind power generation farm, not huge by other farms.

Then we scored for the best breakfast we’ve seen in weeks at Leoti, Ks. We had literally no expectation of finding any place today and it was a find. I had chicken fried steak with Texas toast, 2 eggs and real good grilled hash potatoes. Sorry no picture, I ate it too fast.


The winds were really bad today out of the south. The good news it wasn’t in our face, but we were only getting 7 MPH at times. We came to the most westerly county of Kansas and entered a time zone.

We are staying at the county fair ground pavilion. With a swimming pool and cold showers next door



It was a long day but only 46 miles. It took a lot of patience to keep focused at 7 MPH and stay upright in 30 MPH south winds. I literally was standing still holding my bike on the side of the road and was almost pulled to the ground by a wind gust, truck combo blast.

Mark and Mike are cooking sloppy joes.

I took this picture a couple of days ago. This is a stone fence post. There were miles of these. The documents I read stated that they cost 25 cents each in the 1880’s and a wagon could only carry 4 to 6 at a time. Isn’t that amazing!20130619-172203.jpg

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