Scott City – day 45

Woke up early because of my cooking duties, but we only boil water for coffee and individual oat meal packages. We get sandwich makings out and get milk and cereal on the table. Everyone was to gather by 6:30, which is later but we are on the western side of Central Time for a couple of days.
The winds again were in our favor more than against us today. Another good day with a slight easterly wind, what a blessing. Certainly a good southerly component too, but it was OK. Thankfully we have not had another day like the one we had going into Eureka.
I found a historical plaque to George Washington Carver who lived near here.


We had our second lunch at mile 31 in Dighton. A good spot at the bowling alley. And by that time we only had 25 miles to get to this ‘hostel’ in the AthleticClub Hostel. It is a gym, that lets cyclist use the pool, showers, and padded floors to spend the night.




55 miles today, and only about 65 miles left of Kansas. I was in tears last night, I was blue anyway, cooking, and sleeping in a city park in 90 degree temps, when I misjudged a pot hole on my bike. The front wheel went into the hole and it didn’t roll out. The bike was unloaded and the rear wheel starts going over my head and the full force went into my shoulders creating a terrible pain that rolled me for quite a period. Thanks to my friends, like Peter, Jan, and Mark to help complete dinner. But the sleep was rough, and this morning I was afraid I couldn’t hold the handle bars. I rolled the bike to the street and went real slow for a few miles. The traffic on Highway 96 was relatively quiet and the winds didn’t toss me around so I had a quiet day on the road. I think I’ll be ok.
I’m finding that virtually all my family will be in Breckinridge on the 26. Thanks to nephew Jonathan to offer to help us climb a mountain on June 25 out of Royal Gorge to Fairplay.

We will be at Tribune, Ks tomorrow in the city park.

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