Ness City, Ks – day 44

Sunday was a day off and we just stayed in the motel and swimming pool. Several people rode or walked around town but most things were closed. There were strong thunder storms last night and we were happy to be indoors.
This morning we left Larned and stopped at Fort Larned. It supported the Santa Fe Trail in the 1860-1880.





Then as we progressed along a tough 20 miles piece of road, Liam’s bike slipped off the pavement and his tire tore and tube broke. He just put the new tire on yesterday when he discovered that it prematurely had worn out.

I thought these mail boxes were really nice.


And then we came upon US Highway 96. This will be the only road we will be on for the next 330 miles. By the way, I crossed over the 2,000 mile mark today.

We stopped at a bar that offered some good food about 12:30, and this old Ford pulled up.

We are in the city park at Ness City and Jan and I cooked. We bought lots of canned chilli and made a salad and rice to mix with the chilli. Ness City had at his building built a hundred years ago or more. It’s called the Skyscrapper of the Prairies

When we came into town it was almost 90 degrees and the ice cream stand was our first stop with Liam and Mark.


We got about 65 miles in and the last 20 were with tail winds – yeah!

4 thoughts on “Ness City, Ks – day 44

  1. I’ve been reading your entries to Brian. Sounds hot and flat but the brisket and beans hauled in by Tana was a highlight. I like that you got to hang out in a motel pool which was the absolute most awesome thing we could imagine as kids.

    I hope you got a cherry lime-aid at Sonic!

    Also I got an Iphone. How do we arrange Face-time? Miss you. Hang in there…you got this!

    Brian says to tell you “Paradise nerd.”

  2. We really enjoy reading your blog. We missed it this weekend, because Jeff & I spent the weekend camping with S & P & the 2 girls in the Smokey Mts. We went to see the synchronized fireflies. We’ve seen them before, but it never fails to amaze me.
    Hope the wind is at your back, you find plenty of water & food, & the sun is not too hot. See you soon.

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