Larned, Ks – day 42

The day started in the city park in Sterling. Our bathroom at the city pool had a pipe burst when Harry visited the facilities. He took the responsibility of the problem and alerted appropriate people, so by 5:00 am when we woke up, the plumbers and city officials had just left. Thanks Harry and the City of Sterling Kansas!


We had a light breakfast and took off right after sunrise. The first 3 + hours was a perfect biking weather. We had clouds, no wind, and slightly rising roadway through the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. We had only to make a couple turns all day, and Tana drove 20 miles down the road to pass out cold water and cookies and muffins to fill us on this 50 mile trip with no services along the way.


We ran into an eastbounder Jean-Pierre Malouin. (His blog) He is from Montreal, and has been going since the first of May like us

The last hour the winds started up and our nice ride became a struggle. It was before noon before we pulled into Larned and found a coffee shop. And who do we find sleeping on the sofa, our last rider to leave our group, Mercedes .

Her trip has been an adventure since she over a week ago.
We are at the Best Western for two nights and it is an over due rest day.


Ok, more info info on Harry’s trip to the potty this morning. It appears Harry had a movement that was unexpected as he sat on the toilet. The results found him trying to fit a 3 inch pipe back together with the bathroom and showers quickly filling with a foot of water and a home made bidet as I discovered latter at 4:55 AM when I wondered why water was dripping from the ceiling. Wow, he said the water was flowing over the lower windows before they got the water off.
Now I know, some times you sleep through some of these adventures, and you are just left wondering if you are glad you slept through that one. Yes I am! Thanks again Harry, and I’m sorry you haven’t slept since then.

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