Sterling, Ks – day 41

We packed up and were on the road right after 6:00 AM…. Sun wasn’t quite up yet.

We were off to Buhler almost 30 miles. There was a coffee shop, cafe called the Mustard Seed that we had read about so we made good time to get there. Avg MPH of 14.2 and got there before it opened. When we pulled into town Jim McIver ran out to meet us. He was walking out of the city offices and gave me his card. His occupation was listed as cyclist. He is 83 years old now and doesn’t bike anymore. Pretty nice gentleman. In fact, the entire town was really nice.

Amy and Jim McIver


I enjoyed my double latte….


When left Buhler, it was 9:30 AM and the wind was picking up and we only had 25 miles. After fighting the wind from the south for over an hour and hot hot hot
We stopped at the Flicks Grill in Nickerson , and met a lady walking in.

Then we crossed the Arkansas River for the first time.


We pulled into the city park which is the center of activity with the pool. It’s still windy and very warm.


Mike’s wife Tana drove up from Elk City with abundant food and drink. She will be going along for a few days. Tomorrows trip to Larned will be a 2 night stay for a rest day. But it will be 50 miles plus without food or water services.

Dinner was beef brisket, pasta salad, beans and many deserts. Tana made all of this and brought it from home.


And then I found a 5 foot bull or gopher snake in my camp gear

Mark and Chris and others had a time moving it away from our tents.

And this is the video of one of the encounters
They finally got it to go 10 feet from my tent. I must be safe now !!

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