Newton, Ks – day 40.

Today we had a 70+ ride out of Eureka to Newton.
Though the day was much different in that we were not on a busy highway, and the wind was on our back the last 40 miles.
Here are some pictures of the Kansas prairie and bicyclists that are nuts to do this.






We started after 6:00 am. Oh, I wanted to stay in bed. But the weatherman promised us easterly winds so we didn’t want to miss them.
Today, I brought almost 3 quarts more water than I usually do, I didn’t want to get caught low like I did yesterday. Our first water, lunch, breakfast was to be at a diner at mile 37. And it was the only spot with services till the end. Imagine our shock to find it closed as was everything else. I was thankful I was carrying more water. But, alas, a lady drove up and pointed us to the freeway where a convenience store had opened. We got there and it looked promising, a huge 15 pound roast sitting on the counter, and a big smoker belching heat and smoke in the parking lot.
But, again we were disappointed as our schedule was not theirs. It was 10:00 AM, and they were not serving lunch yet. They asked us to have our pick of frozen egg burrito and ham sandwiches. We declined because we make great ham and cheese sandwiches and put them in our packs.
So I bought chocolate milk,Potato chips and such and took a deep breath of that huge roast as I walked out. We filled our water bottles, ate our sandwiches and took off with the wind at our backs. We were doing 15-22 miles an hour with hardly a peddle. So much different than yesterday.
Tonight we are at the St Matthews Episode church, and I claimed a nursery again.
I stopped and got a hair cut and mail at the post office from my lovely wife.

Two wonderful ladies from the church cooked us a fabulous dinner and even a chocolate cake.
On the left is Karen and she was the chief chef, and Peggy. Thank you so much!

We took a picture of everyone on the trip

We are off to Sterling, Ks tomorrow, simply a 56 mile day. How I think that it seems better when it’s not 70 miles and 56 will be easy. Ouch!! We are nuts to do this. If we don’t get started early enough we might suffer. By 1:00 PM the winds may be 15 mph from the south.

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