Eureka, Ks – day 39

Today’s, last 20 miles was one of the hardest, most challenging ride I’ve ever done. I am so pleased that Jack reserved us motel room with a pool. The winds were over 25 miles an hour in our faces, and huge trucks zipping by sucking us in or pushing us sideways.
We got 60 + miles total, but the first 40 was really nice.

My stay in the church’s Nursery was Ok, it included a bathroom and no one else was in that room.
I woke up at 5:00 and we were pedaling out of town after 6:00.
We were hoping for water or services sooner than later and it turned out to be the latter. In Toronto at mile 41 we got hot water, from a broken soda fountain and ice cold strawberry milk, and cola. The wind had already been blowing but it wasn’t terrible.
The place was a poor example for a deli but it provided us shade in Toronto

I met a man from Beijing, China who says he is riding for a charity.

And an east bounder Ted from Virginia


We saw many of these small oil wells


We did eventually get cold water at mile 44 at Lizard Lips Grill and Deli. They had a biker journal to sign and for us to read.

But, I thought 3 bottles of water would take me the last 20 miles after drinking plenty. But, it was 94 degrees and I mentioned the wind. It took over 2 hours of brute force to push to the Blue Stem Lodge but to our delight the pool made us forget what we had done.


I sat in the pool for a long half hour and about 3:15 I walked across the highway to a Sonic, stepped up to the drive up like a”loser” with no car and got me a milk shake and hamburger. I am going to enjoy this motel room now and turn this computer off for now.

One thought on “Eureka, Ks – day 39

  1. Your descriptions of this trip are really interesting – keep us on the edge, waiting for next update. wowser jeffg

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