Chanute, Ks – day 38

Tuesday morning came earlier than I wanted, but I had a Starbucks 4 shot latte by 5:45 am. That is my first latte since Christainburg, Va. It was only a block from the Super 8 and could not be missed today.
The temperature was going to be hot and about 60 miles to travel, so we got an early start. Our first stop was Girard about 13 miles. It had a diner that we passed up because we didn’t want to stop that long ( it was only 7:30 ). But the town was very well kept with nice yards and pretty houses.

Jan stopping in Girard


After about 30 miles we came to Walnut and We took a break at a store when a man drove up in a old Ford


I saw this sign and wondered what the pickin was


Just 15 miles to Chanute, I stopped at the Prairie Grove Golf course, it was cool dining with a view of the course, though I was solo at this point but it gave me time to read the New York Times and read email
Then taking off again, an adventure cycling wouldn’t be good without a road closure


We got about 60 miles in before I got in about 2:00 PM.

The heat is still suppose to be hot tomorrow and we are going to Eureka and staying at the Blue Stem Lodge, should have AC. Nice!!
Then for Thursday at Newton we are staying at the Episode Church and a lady is going to cook for all of us.
My shoulder has started to feel like it is getting better. Ever since Eminence, Mo and the Japanese massage. I think she got everything moved around and it is much better. I hurt it before the trip and it hurt when I did activities like getting off the bike. Good reason to keep moving

Mark and Jan are cooking tonight, and I’m sleeping in the Nursey of the Episode church here.

I saw the first oil wells today, and yesterday was the first time for irrigation system in the fields.

I’ve. typed this twice, so I hope I don’t loose the info again, or maybe you’ll see this twice.

Here is a air sculpture to Ocatave Chanute

Amy and Chris had bike work in Pittsburg today, as of 9:00 PM, Chris is not in yet. He left after 4:00 and it takes 6 hours to get here.

One thought on “Chanute, Ks – day 38

  1. The things you find – Japanese massage, Starbucks in rural Kansas, a golf course restaurant – impressive! Hope your shoulder is better. That can be annoying!

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