Ash Grove, Mo. – day 36

The evening sounds were full of roars and announcer speakers urging the crowd “to put your hands together for so and so”. I put the MP3 player ear buds in my ears and went to sleep, but the music was too loud and woke me after the crowds left. It was a warm night, and the forecast was for rain. But we woke up at 5:30 and everything was dry with no dew.
A bad surprise was the discovery of locked bathrooms, oh my, not a good thing first thing. We packed up and rode to McDonalds for food and bath.
We ran into David from New Zealand again, and Ed from Detroit. We last saw them in Eminence.
The rains started coming down about 8:00 and we were 9 miles out of town. We huddled under a tree for over an hour until we found it cleared enough for us to go 4 miles to a convenience store in Fair Grove.
The ride was hilly and I’m still needing to walk up the steep ones.
We are staying in a house in the city park next to the swimming pool. It has a kitchen and we feel comfortable the bathrooms will be open tomorrow.

Here is Jan and Amy coming up a hill. The road was many miles long.20130609-163527.jpg



I saw a sign pointing to Nathan Boone homestead, but did not go in.

The people were so nice through out the day. (We did not see the ones locking the baths). Our breakfast snack, at mile 15 was nice and we must have had our group there for a couple of hours. It was a gas station convenience store. The locals were pushed out of their regular seats but didn’t complain and asked lots of questions.
At the Boulton store they were sweet and had a bicycle log, and we read many entries of people we know that are now ahead of us. They took pictures of us to post on their walls.
Walnut Grove was the ice cream stop for the day, and only 8 miles from the city park where we camped. We knew to look for the ice cream shop from the “Honk for Freedom” blog. It was nice to have it.
The rains let up at 11:00 am, and it was mostly cool and nice the whole day. We got about 48 miles in today

One thought on “Ash Grove, Mo. – day 36

  1. Happy Birthday Jake! Take a break and get some cake. It appears that you guys are having a great time, except for locked bathrooms! Praveen

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