Marshfield, Mo – day 35

Got up at 5:30 and had breakfast and sandwiches made by 6:30. Just a little dew on the tent, so it was wrapped up pretty quick. We knew we shouldn’t dally too much because the day was going to be long.

The first place to grab food along the way was 37 miles away, so that was always on my mind. But I had lots of water, 2 sandwiches ( one peanut butter and a ham & cheese) plus nuts, apple, banana, crackers ….. I knew I’d be OK.
We did 67 miles at 11.4 AVg MPH.
The views were beautiful and I found another fire observation tower to climb.
I was alone, so i didn’t go up all the way. It was scary!

Chris was taking pictures. Of Mike and Harry.20130608-160001.jpg



We finally got to Hartville, which was the only stop for food or water today. Stopped at LJD’s cafe in Hartville, Mo. for a hamburger and apple pie


After eating and getting water, it was another 27 miles to our camp tonight in the city park. I’ve got my tent set up right next to a sweet stream with a picnic table. The baths work good enough to get cleaned up and it’s only 4:00. I biked for 5 hours and 51 minutes – at least the that what the thing says. It was a long day, but the temperatures were pretty cool, except when it got past 2:00 PM.
The roads rolled through beautiful fields of cattle. Just one field of corn that I saw. The soil looks really rocky.
Amy and Mike are cooking and walked to the grocery. I don’t know what they will do. I just ate my first sandwich a few minutes ago after setting up my tent.

For those looking at the June’s calendar, please note: we are going to get back on schedule this next week by skipping a rest day in Pittsburg – Monday. I know, I know, it’s my birthday then, but the group doesn’t care.
Also. as noted before, the days in the middle of the month is moving . Newton is not a rest day, but Lared is.
Oh another thing Go Dumples. I’m cheering for my home time Dragon Boat team, with Jennifer at the helm. There first race was today, and I don’t know what happened.

On our way to Hartville, we came upon our third bridge that is demolished. This one we could not get over, and for some reason they chose not to document the detour. Luckily, the locals told us how to get around it.
There is a tractor pool contest in the County Fairgrounds next door. Chris, Western Australia, is going over there to observe more American culture.

I want people to know about a couple bloggers ahead of us that I love to read. One is a lady from Scotland, and another is a couple –Honk for Freedom

They are my first place to check when I want to know what we will see tomorrow. They express the surroundings so much better than I do.

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