Houston, Mo – day 34

I’m trying to upload some videos to you tube
This is on a ridge in the Ozarks – turn up the volume to hear the birds
And this is something from Alley Spring
Let me know if these are interesting….

Today we got out of our motel about 7:00 AM. And rode to a huge natural spring, Alley Spring.


And then we did some adventure fire tower climbing.





We had our 2 nd breakfast in Sommersville at the Hungry Moose

We left the Ozarks after that and the hills were fairly tame the rest of the day.
The weather is in the low 70’s and very nice weather.
We are in city park with a swimming pool.


Howard and Bryan bought roasted chickens and potato salad at a Wal-Mart. Ok, no cooking and fills you up

Yvan, from Montreal came in around 6:00 PM. He is east bound from Vancouver, BC through Astoria, Missoula –TransAm to here. He started in early April.


2 thoughts on “Houston, Mo – day 34

    • Well not so much. I jumped in the pool and discovered I can’t swim. I torn my shoulder rotator cuff before I left and it hurts to put my arm over my head. I tried to kayak yesterday, and quickly discovered I can’t paddle either. At least riding a bike doesn’t hurt.
      This is such an adventure!

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