Eminence, Mo – day 32

Wokeup to a soft fog that quickly cleared. we had cereal for breakfast and rode 10 miles and stopped at the 21 Diner in Centerville for some eggs and bacon.


Then we were off another fifteen miles through beautiful areas with rivers.



Liam and I stopped at Ellington for a sandwich and chocolate milk. Then we took off on a 26 mile ride to Eminence through some real hilly roads with no shoulders and no place for to break for a cool break. But we ran into a Swiss couple heading east bound from Los Angeles, and going through several routes for most of the summer.



Last night, our dear friend Jennifer asked me if we had bad days, and so I will relate at least a portion of our day that was bad. After 40 plus miles of pedaling through the hills in hot humid weather with bugs flying around your head when you stop, a log truck was behind me and started honking his horn and being very aggressive. I had no place to go so I continued 75 yards to a place where the pavement allowed me to stop. I stopped, and this huge log truck stopped too!
The truck driver jumped out and ranted and yelled profanity for at least 5 minutes. I took my camera in one hand and a can of mace in another and listened to this mad man.

I came into town and discovered he had ran every bike rider off the road. Since I had pictures of him and his license tag, I called the sheriff office and filled a report.

We are here today and tomorrow . Here is the angry hostile truck driver and how he stopped, notice the shallow shoulder. I am glad he stopped for pictures. The deputy said it wouldn’t be hard to find him.



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