Lesterville,Mo. – day 31

Today was a great day for adventure cycling. We woke up in a beautiful hostel,Al’s Place, and then meandered along the road to Johnson Shut-ins State Park. Others were able to get the Elephant Rock Park in too..

I rode with Mark today. We took our time leaving because we had breakfast at 6:00 AM and it was too nice to leave, and we didn’t have far to go.- No Rush was the theme. I was cooking with Harry, but Harry had it all done, and I was scrambling to catch up.

So we got out at 8:30, and went 19 miles to Pilots Knob and had a 2nd breakfast at a nice place.



The picture above is the Black River being funneled through Johnson’s Shut-ins.

This one shows the walking paths they have to move people. There were large parking lots so it must get busy. But I don’t see how you balance that many people on those rocks.

Evidently there was a flood in 2005 with a dam breaking. It is a big rock


We are in a camp, Park Bluff and there are adequate showers, a grocery store with a mile that delivers. The climbs were fun, I walked one of them, but they were all so short, it was nothing like Virginia.



This little girl was a very sweet girl and was waiting for us to feed her.


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