Farmington, Missouri – day 30

A beautiful 48 miles crossing the Mississippi River the first thing this morning. We stopped for pictures with Popyeye before jumping on the bridge. The river was very swollen and there were road closures around us.
This picture is of Peter from Germany, Amy from Phoenix, me and Bryan, (Kansas, Navy )



These pictures are of downtown Chester20130603-150832.jpg





Then we met our first east bound TransAm’ers. It was Maurice Reid from Liverpool England, starting April 18 in San Francisco.


We created quite a crowd on the lonely road, and the home owner came out and we filled our water bottles
Then 30 minutes later we met 2 other east bounders, Both started in San Diego. But Joe came through Texas and Oklahoma, and Pieter from Montreal took the Western Express to Colorado


Anyway, all is fine. I am helping Chief Chef Harry with brats and potato salad. Tomorow we are going to have scrambled eggs for breakfast.
The hostel is tops – it’s called Al’s Place and use to be a jail in the early half of the 20th Century
It has nice showers, sheets, washer and dryer.


On another topic, I’ve been following the other ACA tour that left after us with the van supported. The news isn’t good with them it seems and they are struggling. Contact me if you want a link to their Blogs.
We are very happy with our situation, especially with staying in the backyard of the Eagles.

We made it early to Farmington because we couldn’t find anything better to stop and eat.
Today was poor pickings for eating out. I think I spent $2 on a ‘Bama Pie” substitute. The rest of the road didn’t go through any places that had a dinner.
Peter and I finally gave up about 11:30 and ate our sandwiches we made at 6:00 am. We ate them on the side of the road, Then we started going and discovered a group of us just a mile down the road at an undocumented sightseeing attraction of a Tiger viewing. the name was Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary. For $10 you can get up close with them. It looked new and was only open on weekends. But it had a dinner room and gift shop, but alas it was closed.

And then just 15 miles to get to town, we came upon a Brewery and Distillery. (Again I can’t remember the name). And it had a nice brew tasting room and it looked like some food. But, again it was closed on Monday and Tuesday. Wow, more peanut butter sandwiches.

Harry and I settled in and then went walked to the grocery store. We called a cab to haul the $150 of brats, ice cream salads and sandwich makings a mile back to the hostel.
A great deal for 10.00 cab ride.
Tomorrow, Harry is scrambling eggs for a burrito roll up. I’ll assist anyway I can, maybe crowd control!
Couldn’t have been assigned a most distinguished cook. As he said on his introduction, he spend more than 20 years in prison walls, cooking and making management.

I’m outside writing this at 7:30 and I meet Chris from Sacramento, or east bound. They are taking a car along as support and they shuffle it along with them.
More later maybe..


Later we were looking at the map of the home of travelers that have stayed here. There is not a pin at Cushing, Oklahoma


The bathroom was a double everything and big.


4 thoughts on “Farmington, Missouri – day 30

  1. Hi, Jake. I would like a link to the other group. I’ve read some of the blogs of the previous groups. I love the stories of the places the tours stay, where they eat, what they see.

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